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Typhoon Haiyan Christmas Appeal

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We launched our charity pins for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan officially yesterday, Nov 29 @ 11am.  We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far and also to the people who have begun to download the 3d printing files!

We just want everyone to know that the x10 limited edition custom hand painted pins have sold out in 2.5 hours yesterday after they were released!  What is left are x30 of the hand painted pins showcasing the Philippine Flag painted in red, blue, yellow and white @ AUD$15 each (plus postage and handling).  Also, we have unlimited amounts of unpainted versions @ AUD$5 each (plus postage and handling).  Payments are made via bank transfer only at the moment or cash if you’re close by.  Please send us an email at or if you would like to purchase some pins.  Let us know how many you would like.

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x30 left of the hand painted version showcasing the Philippine flag colours; red, blue, yellow and white @ AUD$15 +postage&handling

1327_3stars & a sun_article9

Unlimited amount of the unpainted version @ AUD$5 +postage&handling

We didn’t realize how well the custom ones were going to go.  Depending on the amount of people who want those, we may make a Series 2.  Since they take us about half a day to make for one, we’ll need to re-organize our manpower first!

Remember, the pins are open source and if you have a 3d printer and would like to get involved, you can download the files here and also on Thingiverse.  Also, just a reminder that our target date to donate is December 20, 2013 to the Red Cross.  We’re very grateful and thank you so much!  Please support the cause and create a wave by sharing, liking and posting our project page for the project located here.

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