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Etsy at the Cullen Feature

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Led by designers Brooke Kolm and Marsha Golemac, The Cullen’s Junior Penthouse suite will be transformed to a creative hub that brings together the best of Etsy’s local marketplace.  Featured works will include items from new and established Etsy sellers.

MIMAW was handpicked to exhibit its Urban Confetti project – a series of 3d printed vessels.  They are then individually hand painted and finished to reflect MIMAW’s strong interest in cataloguing the generic urban and architectural artefacts and celebrating them.

We’re very excited to be a part of this wonderful project brought together by Etsy, The Cullen and the Art Series Hotel Group.  Etsy @ The Cullen Open Day starts tomorrow at 9:30am.  Catch Vei Tan at the Open Day for the 2:30 session talking about her work.

To read more about the project click on the following links:

To get a piece of your Urban Confetti (made to order), click here.

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