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Studio Ocho Ocho Stage 2 Construction Progress

It’s been all hands on deck lately for our current experimental self-build initiative, Studio Ocho Ocho Stage 2.  With this project, not only are we exploring ideas about the contemporary work environment and co-working spaces but also varying construction methodologies.

Primarily, we’ve been experimenting on the possibilities of generating a detailed digital construction model that shows all the “stuff” needed to build.  From the timber catalogue (sections, lengths, etc) to the screws, nuts and bolts.

We also welcome Phoebe Wong to the team currently taking her Masters of Architecture at RMIT University and currently co-managing the construction and design process.

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SUPERWORK 3:CO The Docklands Cotton Mills Project

SUPERWORK 3:CO The Docklands Cotton Mills Project is the third iteration of the Superwork Series that Patrick Macasaet has been researching and teaching at RMIT Architecture + Urban Design, Bachelor Program.

The studio is a continuation of the SUPERWORK series that simultaneously explores; typological experiments through rule-based process techniques and; speculating on new experimental models for the contemporary work environment.

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Studio Ocho Ocho Stage 2

Construction for our self-build initiative, Studio Ocho Ocho Stage 2, is now underwway.

Stage 2 is the culmination of understanding our experiments from Studio Ocho Ocho Stage1; trials and tests in our design practices SUPERSCALE and MIMAW; and our on-going research and teaching at university through the SUPERWORK Series, investigating the Future of Work.




Patrick Macasaet will be teaching at RMIT Architecture for the Bachelor Program and Monash University Interior Architecture Program for 2016, Semester 2.

At RMIT, he will be leading the SUPERWORK2:NO TYPICAL design studio which will be the fourth iteration that explores process based experiments and contaminating typologies as part of the SUPER series .

At Monash, he will be co-teaching with Nicholas Braun and Jane Caught of SIBLING.  The design studio focuses on the traditional and informal performance in theatre/gallery contexts and subsequently, in the public realm.

Open Agenda Competition Winner

The Site, Interior Building 124 (Image courtesy of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust)

We’ve been keeping it a secret for the past two months but SUPERSCALE is proud to announce that we have won the Open Agenda Competition 2015 organised by Open Agenda, University of Technology Sydney and the Biennale of Sydney. Read more…


Patrick Macasaet will be teaching at RMIT Architecture for the Bachelor Program 2016, Semester 1.  Part of the SUPER series that explores process based experiments and contaminating typologies, SUPERWORK will be the third iteration continuing from past design studios led with Helen Duong, SUPERNORMAL 1 and SUPERNORMAL 2.
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Our creative space arm, Studio Ocho Ocho, has recently released the new InWest Initiative to provide an affordable large, multi-purpose space for creative pursuits.  InWest Initiative is an extension of Studio Ocho Ocho’s vision of creating spaces that encourage making, collaboration, creativity and creative entrepreneurship.

Footscray has a burgeoning creative and cultural scene and we want to be a part of it and see it grow.  

The space is situated in Studio Ocho Ocho’s undeveloped first floor space.  It is 140sqm of open shell possibly for: workshops, small exhibitions, pop up cinemas, dance rehearsals, team meetings, photography sessions, yoga, space explorations or… propose something else!

Get in touch!


The Future Laboratory UK

future lab logoWe recently had the pleasure of being visited and interviewed by Karli-Jade Fontiverio-Hylton and Darcy Summerton from, ‘The Future Laboratory’, UK.

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Auguste Clown Gallery

We’re excited to share that Vei Tan of MIMAW has been invited to be a part of Auguste Clown‘s upcoming ‘Made In Melbourne‘ exhibition.

A stellar line-up of local Melbourne artists will be part of the exhibition: Adi, Anna Scheen – Linogirl, Cat Rabbit, Christopher Hancock, Creatures of Nat, Deiter Barry Creations, Dvate, Ella Smethurst, Ellie McAlphine, Emma Hampton, Emma Leonard, Fiona Fioski, Hannakin, Jack Douglas, Jessica Charlotte, Jubly Umph, Julian Briones, Kaitlin Beckett, Lamai Anne, Lucy Lucy, Ouvra, Mel Macklin, Melissa Grisancich, MIMAW, Miss E, Mysterious Al, Nadia Turner, Sam Pea, Sarah Neale, Shawn Lu, Steve Cross, Stuart Amos, Tayla Broekman.

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‘Studio Futures’ Book Launch

Patrick Macasaet was involved in the publication of ‘Studio Futures’ as the Editorial Assistant at RMIT University, Architecture + Design, working alongside Mat Ward of URO Media, Vivian Mitsogianni (Deputy Dean and Head, RMIT Architecture & Urban Design), Donald Bates (Head of Architecture, University of Melbourne) and Diego Ramirez (Head of Architecture, Monash University).

Studio Futures will be launched at the RMIT Design Hub on Nov 10, 6PM.  Visit the RMIT Architecture Facebook page for more details.

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MIMAW Spring Markets


We’re excited to announce that MIMAW will be at the Spring Design Market and Finders Keepers!  Click on the images for more info.


Myrtle St Residence

Located in Brighton, Victoria, our first residential interior alterations project is now complete.  Envisioned as a series of residential upgrades over three stages, Myrtle St Residence stage one redesigns the kitchen, living, study nook and storage spaces.


SUPERSCALE is currently assisting PMA with construction documentation on a series of educational facilities upgrades.


MIMAW is excited to be collaborating with menswear label AMXANDER for the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015.  A couple of our 3d printed pieces will be on display at the Little Rogue Café as it gets taken over by AMXANDER for a week.

For more information:

Little Rogue Café: 12 Drewery Lane, Melbourne (@littleroguemelbourne)
AMXANDER: (@amxander)

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We Heart UK

Tabas have been featured in We Heart, an online cultural hub that combines in-depth stories; city guides; events listings and design-led news from all areas of contemporary culture established in UK.  Thank you to Lisa Davidson for the great article!

Click here for the article.



Patrick Macasaet will be teaching a design elective at RMIT Architecture to both Masters and Bachelor Program, Semester 2.  This elective is a continuation of an ongoing research and interest in Typological Contaminations/Shift through the lens of Process Based design experiments.

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Finders Keepers Market – Winter

MIMAW will be at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne from July 17-19.

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Three Thousand

Tabas 01

“If you could 3D print anything in the world, what would it be? A fat man with a removable hat to hold trinkets in? Yes! But too bad. Mimaw beat you to it.”

Tabas are in the spotlight.  A fun and great article written by Emily from Three Thousands ( Melbourne Cultural Guide). Have a read and enjoy!

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