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Pinocchio Children’s Library

Competition: Fondazione Nazionale Caro Collodi // Location: Collodi, Italy // Year: 2017-2018

This competition proposal is a continuation of our investigation on procedural typological experiments as a catalyst for architectural possibilities.

The Project celebrates Carlo Lorenzin’s birth of inspiration – the laneways of the Collodi village. The library amplifies Collodi’s laneways and hidden narratives by recording the village’s negative space as a formal and spatial generator along with the key axes of the locality. The library is not one monument or object but as a series of fragmented and dispersed yet unified library that encourages exploration to create your own narratives and mythologies.  The library is seen as part of the urban sphere, embedding itself within the township and continuing the assemblage and cascading language of the Collodi Village. The ‘Catalogue of Spatial and Formal Types’ below features a small slice of the spatial and formal potentials that could be discovered within the complex. There are buildings, courtyards, towers, slits, viewing platforms, exhibition spaces, gardens, rooftops, library laneways, bridges and more that could be traversed and explored that have variation and differentiation with complex spatial relationships with adjacent buildings. So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter where you go… just go…