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Location: Melbourne and Adelaide // Year: 2015-2016 //
Appearances: Markit @ Federation Square 2015, Finders Keepers Design Market (Winter-Melbourne) @ Royal Exhibition Centre 2015, Finders Keepers Design Market (Spring-Melbourne) @ Royal Exhibition Centre 2015, Swagger Child Market @ North Melbourne Meat Market 2015, Keepers Design Market (Winter-Adelaide) @ Adelaide Showground 2016

An Arcade Bar.  A Vending Machine.  A Claw Machine.  An Ice Cream Station.

How can a market stall at design markets be more than just “look, buy and go”?  How can it be more of an experience for customers where they are able to interact and engage with not just the products but the stall itself?  The MIMAW Stall on one hand was an experiment on architectural delight, humour, spectacle and fun and on the other, an exploration on the temporary – logistics, material and buildability.

The stall is de-mountable, expandable and flexible allowing different configurations depending on the event.  The stall components primarily ‘slot’ into each other utilising only 4 screws in the whole project.