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RMIT Bachelor of Architecture Design Studio // Year: 2016 Semester 1
Students: John Chandler, Yixi Chen, Christopher Leung Cheun, Matthew Liu, Lewis Mazzoli, Alexis Omwela, Jason Tam, Kari Vitalich, Albert Widyapranata, Thein Zaw

The studio will simultaneously explore two investigations.

(A) Rule-Based Process Experiments + Contaminating Types AND (B) The Vertical Corporate Campus + Experimental Working Environment



The studio will be a workshop of typological experiments looking at how contaminations of ‘other’ typologies can assist in re-imagining core architectural elements (form, circulation, program, spatial arrangement, ornament, etc.) to generate new propositions or new prototypical models for the contemporary working environment.

Rule-based process experiments will be deployed to assist in manipulating, distorting, amplifying, shattering, dispersing, (insert action here) the behaviours and qualities of existing types to affect the architectural elements of the office typology.  The studio will not only be interested in a process based approach but more so, what could be generated in terms of architectural propositions in this specific way of working.  What will it look like?  What’s next?



“Work has shaped our city and our lives.  How we work – and how we think about work and the workplace – has changed dramatically in recent years.  Technology, alongside other cultural and economic forces, has enabled work to seep out from offices to permeate our entire city, influencing its landscape…” – The London Festival of Architecture 2015

The vertical corporate campus is an emerging typology for urban development.  Largely built in suburban areas where land is cheaper and larger, corporate campuses and business parks do little for social cohesion; and the self-contained suburban work environment is being challenged as new work models and the rise of a new generation of workers are seeking alternative ways of working.

The studio will explore the changing nature of work, its continued evolution and contribution to our cities.



As a testing ground, the site will be located in the rapidly changing suburb of Footscray.  Footscray is currently undergoing its transformation as a University Town with the hopes of attracting businesses, innovation and research.  The program is a speculative vertical corporate campus & hybrid programs.  This experimental vertical corporate campus as yet has no fixed definition.  It will/might be a building that is not dedicated to one specific corporation but is leased by multiple types of businesses (startups, incubation, innovation hubs, big/small business, entrepreneurs, etc.).  It will incorporate a hybrid program(s) that will engage with the wider urban environment and/or tackle questions of the future working environments.