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You’re My Type

Research – Academia Thesis Project // Location: Melbourne, Victoria // Year: 2011 // Supervisor: Dr. Vivian Mitsogianni
Anne Butler Memorial Award 2011
Leon Van Schaik 25th Anniversary Peer-Assessed Award 2011
AIA Combined University Graduate Prize 2011 Shortlist
Featured in SuckerPunch

This project considers and explores how contaminations of ‘other’ typologies can assist in re-inventing programmatic organization and spatial arrangements. The project investigates how particular strategies of making, influenced by type, can generate new propositions for learning environments and the library. As a testing ground, a generated “what-if” scenario proposes RMIT’s first civic-academic library and merges the three existing city libraries (Swanston, Carlton and Business Library).
The project attempts to emphasise the informal side of academic life, not as residual but as a central feature of universities. It embraces the collaborative and the informal as the heroic spaces for learning – viewing learning as a social experience and envisioning a speculative library as a highly charged collaborative and informal learning environment, intensifying its communal and social dimension.

This proposition tested ideas and carried out a series of investigations through both generative and manual processes concentrating on two building types: the stock exchange and the atrium office building. Experiments were choreographed and re-choreographed with minor or major variations in order to open up new possibilities for formal, organisational and spatial strategies for a highly collaborative learning environment.