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Our creative space arm, Studio Ocho Ocho, has recently released the new InWest Initiative to provide an affordable large, multi-purpose space for creative pursuits.  InWest Initiative is an extension of Studio Ocho Ocho’s vision of creating spaces that encourage making, collaboration, creativity and creative entrepreneurship.

Footscray has a burgeoning creative and cultural scene and we want to be a part of it and see it grow.  

The space is situated in Studio Ocho Ocho’s undeveloped first floor space.  It is 140sqm of open shell possibly for: workshops, small exhibitions, pop up cinemas, dance rehearsals, team meetings, photography sessions, yoga, space explorations or… propose something else!

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The Future Laboratory UK

future lab logoWe recently had the pleasure of being visited and interviewed by Karli-Jade Fontiverio-Hylton and Darcy Summerton from, ‘The Future Laboratory’, UK.

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OCHO OCHO Stage 1 Opens


The SUPERSCALE + MIMAW family are very thrilled to announce the stage one opening of our recent creative venture, OCHO OCHO.

OCHO OCHO will be a collaborative and creative hub located at the Docklands Cotton Mills beside the Maribyrnong River in Footscray.  It will be a place of making, creativity, collaboration, creative entrepreneurship and endeavours.

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Bubble & Frame Demolition

We have commenced demolition on our new Creative Hubs project in Footscray.

Footscray is currently experiencing an exciting period of growth especially with its local arts scene led by the Footscray Community Arts Centre.  We’re very thrilled to be a part of this exciting time in Footscray!  Some demo progress pics!


Sound Pods coming down.

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Cotton Mills HQ

After a hectic month, we’ve now moved in to our studio at the old Docklands Cotton Mills.  Opened in 1920’s as the Bardford Cotton Mills, it’s now an awesome hub of creative small business, design studios, artists and much more.  We’ve got big plans for our humble studio and we’re still under construction but feel free to visit us anytime!
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A year ago we launched MDVP as an experimental design practice to primarily continue our research from our Masters Thesis’ and since then we’ve been experimenting with quite a lot of facets of design besides architecture to include: prototyping, graphics and products.  We felt like we were still navigating our way and wanted to experiment more beyond the boundaries of architecture.  Thus, SUPERSCALE was born.  We envisioned Superscale as a massive umbrella where we can operate, test, explore and investigate through varying fields of scales, mediums and areas of design.  We’re very excited and can’t wait to launch a few things we’ve been researching and working on later in the year.  Thank you everyone!