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SUPERWORK 3:CO The Docklands Cotton Mills Project

SUPERWORK 3:CO The Docklands Cotton Mills Project is the third iteration of the Superwork Series that Patrick Macasaet has been researching and teaching at RMIT Architecture + Urban Design, Bachelor Program.

The studio is a continuation of the SUPERWORK series that simultaneously explores; typological experiments through rule-based process techniques and; speculating on new experimental models for the contemporary work environment.

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Patrick Macasaet will be teaching at RMIT Architecture for the Bachelor Program and Monash University Interior Architecture Program for 2016, Semester 2.

At RMIT, he will be leading the SUPERWORK2:NO TYPICAL design studio which will be the fourth iteration that explores process based experiments and contaminating typologies as part of the SUPER series .

At Monash, he will be co-teaching with Nicholas Braun and Jane Caught of SIBLING.  The design studio focuses on the traditional and informal performance in theatre/gallery contexts and subsequently, in the public realm.

Open Agenda Competition Winner

The Site, Interior Building 124 (Image courtesy of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust)

We’ve been keeping it a secret for the past two months but SUPERSCALE is proud to announce that we have won the Open Agenda Competition 2015 organised by Open Agenda, University of Technology Sydney and the Biennale of Sydney. Read more…


Patrick Macasaet will be teaching at RMIT Architecture for the Bachelor Program 2016, Semester 1.  Part of the SUPER series that explores process based experiments and contaminating typologies, SUPERWORK will be the third iteration continuing from past design studios led with Helen Duong, SUPERNORMAL 1 and SUPERNORMAL 2.
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Our creative space arm, Studio Ocho Ocho, has recently released the new InWest Initiative to provide an affordable large, multi-purpose space for creative pursuits.  InWest Initiative is an extension of Studio Ocho Ocho’s vision of creating spaces that encourage making, collaboration, creativity and creative entrepreneurship.

Footscray has a burgeoning creative and cultural scene and we want to be a part of it and see it grow.  

The space is situated in Studio Ocho Ocho’s undeveloped first floor space.  It is 140sqm of open shell possibly for: workshops, small exhibitions, pop up cinemas, dance rehearsals, team meetings, photography sessions, yoga, space explorations or… propose something else!

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The Future Laboratory UK

future lab logoWe recently had the pleasure of being visited and interviewed by Karli-Jade Fontiverio-Hylton and Darcy Summerton from, ‘The Future Laboratory’, UK.

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‘Studio Futures’ Book Launch

Patrick Macasaet was involved in the publication of ‘Studio Futures’ as the Editorial Assistant at RMIT University, Architecture + Design, working alongside Mat Ward of URO Media, Vivian Mitsogianni (Deputy Dean and Head, RMIT Architecture & Urban Design), Donald Bates (Head of Architecture, University of Melbourne) and Diego Ramirez (Head of Architecture, Monash University).

Studio Futures will be launched at the RMIT Design Hub on Nov 10, 6PM.  Visit the RMIT Architecture Facebook page for more details.

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Myrtle St Residence

Located in Brighton, Victoria, our first residential interior alterations project is now complete.  Envisioned as a series of residential upgrades over three stages, Myrtle St Residence stage one redesigns the kitchen, living, study nook and storage spaces.


SUPERSCALE is currently assisting PMA with construction documentation on a series of educational facilities upgrades.


Patrick Macasaet will be teaching a design elective at RMIT Architecture to both Masters and Bachelor Program, Semester 2.  This elective is a continuation of an ongoing research and interest in Typological Contaminations/Shift through the lens of Process Based design experiments.

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OCHO OCHO Stage 1 Opens


The SUPERSCALE + MIMAW family are very thrilled to announce the stage one opening of our recent creative venture, OCHO OCHO.

OCHO OCHO will be a collaborative and creative hub located at the Docklands Cotton Mills beside the Maribyrnong River in Footscray.  It will be a place of making, creativity, collaboration, creative entrepreneurship and endeavours.

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2015 PAVLOVA Studio Poster

Patrick Macasaet will be teaching First Year Design Studio as a Studio Associate as well as a Communications Tutor at RMIT University, Bachelor of Architectural Studies Program.  Led by Dr. Michael Spooner, the first year studios’ curatorial agenda have been reframed and focuses on three streams: Atlas, Codex and Pavlova.  The Lyons House Museum will form the focus of each studio stream.
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Supernormal 2

We are currently teaching at RMIT Architecture – Bachelor Program 2015, Semester 1 with Helen Duong.  This is the second iteration of our SUPERNORMAL Design Series exploring site investigations and process based experiment simultaneously.

The studio will expose students to two very different but we believe very complimentary design methodologies; 1. Rigorous site investigations and 2. Process-based experiments. This will allow students to examine opportunities and possibilities for the architectural project through a very particular methodical processes.  The studio is structured around  a series of workshops and exercises that privilege form making, leading to the design of a speculative suburban hybrid public library. Each exercise will focus on pure civic form, form and spatial, programmatic arrangements and form and landscape.

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At SUPERSCALE, we love to diversify and get our hands on different things as much as possible.

Recently, we went on a site visit to Norstar Steel Recyclers at their head office at Laverton North where the largest steel recycling machinery in Australia will be constructed.  They process ferrous and non ferrous metal through a variety of methods to include: sorting, shredding, shearing, oxy cutting, baling and compacting.  It was a privilege to be shown around by Managing Director, Paul Sailah and giving us a detailed tour of the processes involved.

We’re very excited to be involved with this project.  We’ve always been inspired by these steel giants and we’ve admired the industrial and techy aesthetic of these things from far away.  Now, we get to help build these big boys’ toys!


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Cotton Mills HQ

After a hectic month, we’ve now moved in to our studio at the old Docklands Cotton Mills.  Opened in 1920’s as the Bardford Cotton Mills, it’s now an awesome hub of creative small business, design studios, artists and much more.  We’ve got big plans for our humble studio and we’re still under construction but feel free to visit us anytime!
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A year ago we launched MDVP as an experimental design practice to primarily continue our research from our Masters Thesis’ and since then we’ve been experimenting with quite a lot of facets of design besides architecture to include: prototyping, graphics and products.  We felt like we were still navigating our way and wanted to experiment more beyond the boundaries of architecture.  Thus, SUPERSCALE was born.  We envisioned Superscale as a massive umbrella where we can operate, test, explore and investigate through varying fields of scales, mediums and areas of design.  We’re very excited and can’t wait to launch a few things we’ve been researching and working on later in the year.  Thank you everyone!