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Studio Ocho Ocho

Location: Footscray, Australia // Year: 2015-2016 
Featured in Etsy Inspiring Workspaces

Located in the historic Docklands Cotton Mills in Footscray, Australia, the project was envisioned as a place of making, creativity, collaboration and creative entrepreneurship.  A self-built project by SUPERSCALE+MIMAW, Studio Ocho Ocho (Stage 1) is an architectural exploration on typological contamination focusing on spatial arrangements.

Typological Shift + Spatial Arrangement: The Petrol Station

The studio has been interested in Typological studies on how contaminations of ‘other’ types can assist in the design process to affect core architectural elements.  This project investigated the generic suburban Petrol Station as a departure point.  Our interest in this type was primarily with its spatial arrangement on how its many programmatic functions were dispersed throughout one massive circulatory space yet still being visually porous.  The intent was to amplify and fragment this condition whilst retaining the type’s genetic imprint and also minimizing pure circulation spaces.


To aid with the process, we looked at the moire affect as a way of amplifying a typical petrol station’s plan.  We experimented with various angles and orientation until we reached a model that begun to intensify and fragment the many functions on site.  The model was then used as a diagram to guide the planning.

The ground floor holds a series of collaborative ‘desk stations’ in its central area and the owners’ studio acts as the anchor and main administrative space at the rear.  Throughout the ground floor are a series of dispersed programs to include: a small library, lounge and casual meeting zones, kitchen, 3d printing areas, and varying scales of workshop tables.  These many functions also begin to merge on circulation zones.

Contrary to the ground floor, the first floor acts as an open plan and flexible space for exhibitions, installations, performances and more.  It became the base for the ‘INWEST INITIATIVE’ program that provided an affordable large, multi-purpose space for creative pursuits in Footscray.


Reclaimed Timber

With a very minimal budget and completed just under $70/sqm from demolition to the end of Stage One, timber was reclaimed during the demolition process and used extensively for the fitout.  Timber stud walls, floor joists, chipboard substrate, cedar battens and more were reclaimed and catalogued.  These were then designed and transformed as furniture and partitions.