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Bubble & Frame Demolition

We have commenced demolition on our new Creative Hubs project in Footscray.

Footscray is currently experiencing an exciting period of growth especially with its local arts scene led by the Footscray Community Arts Centre.  We’re very thrilled to be a part of this exciting time in Footscray!  Some demo progress pics!


Sound Pods coming down.

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Finders Keepers Market

MIMAW will be making its debut at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne from October 17-18.

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*Artwork by Jessica Singh Illustration

MIMAW – In Process

MIMAW’s been pretty quiet the past few months but it’s currently undergoing a transformation and shifting it’s gears to another direction. Although we still offer 3d printing services to a select few only, MIMAW‘s slowly evolving to a design-intensive 3d printing studio influenced by a myriad of artistic and design discplines celebrating imagination and ideas.


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First Fundraising Project

The SUPERSCALE team would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported our ‘Bayanihan Pins’ fund raising project.  On November 28, we launched the project after a week of swift and intense planning in light of the Typhoon Haiyan disaster in the Philippines and with your help we were able to raise AUD$700 equivalent to nearly ₱28000 donated to RED CROSS AUSTRALIA!
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Typhoon Haiyan Christmas Appeal

We launched our charity pins for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan officially yesterday, Nov 29 @ 11am.  We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far and also to the people who have begun to download the 3d printing files!

We just want everyone to know that the x10 limited edition custom hand painted pins have sold out in 2.5 hours yesterday after they were released!  What is left are x30 of the hand painted pins showcasing the Philippine Flag painted in red, blue, yellow and white @ AUD$15 each (plus postage and handling).  Also, we have unlimited amounts of unpainted versions @ AUD$5 each (plus postage and handling).  Payments are made via bank transfer only at the moment or cash if you’re close by.  Please send us an email at or if you would like to purchase some pins.  Let us know how many you would like.
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Three customised NOH masks were recently completed at the MIMAW Workshop for PNEU Architects.  These masks measured approximately 500x300x150mm each, making them the largest 3d printed items at our studio to date.  Each mask comprised of about 20 printed components with a total print time of 140+ hours in two weeks.  They were then carefully assembled, primed and finished.


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We are pleased to announce that MIMAW (Micro.Macro.Workshop) was officially launched 2 days ago.  Besides the fact that we’re able to provide this service, it also allows us an opportunity to collaborate with fellow designers, students and makers.  Feel free to visit us to view some samples and see their capabilities.  We’re also planning on organizing small workshops in our studio to introduce basics and tips to help you prepare your digital models to reality.  If you are interested, please let us know as it’ll help us gauge the level of interest.



We recently completed CRAB Studio’s (Peter Cook & Gavin Robotham) and IPH Architects’ (Iredale Pederson Hook) conceptual model for their proposal for the Joondalup Performing Arts and Cultural Facility in Western Australia.


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Space & Prototype Prototype

We have found a new home!  Hooray!  We’re in the process of designing and moving in to our new studio space.  In light of this, we wanted the space to be, in large part, a place of desktop manufacturing experimentation.  Hence, we’ve been recently designing and prototyping 3d printed furniture components to go within our studio.  We’re trying to mix customised 3d printed components with off-the-shelf materials from the local hardware store and we’re attempting to use no glue, pegs, nails, screws, etc.  They simply slide and lock into place.  We quite like the blend of high-tech printing with lo-tech processes.


3D Models of prototypes

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